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February 2, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 11:30 pm

First Thursday at Keyes

Mix Bar

V is for Vinyl


First Floor

Popup Oyster and Bubbles Bar:


Gallery 1

Exhibition Opening


A viewing of the Abadali Art Collection

1. Motlhoki Nono

2. Scott Eric Williams

3. Bulumko Mbete

4. Puleng Mongale

5. Levy Pooe

6. Dudu More

7. Aneesah Girie

8. Brian Montshiwa

9. Khaya Malinga

10. Lusanda Ndita

11. Mbali Tshabalala

Nono Motlhoki Dilo Tse Monate. You Being The Sweetest Of Them All. Digital print on archival paper. 2022



Exhibition preview

INCCA presents

Modernity and its offspring

Artists: blk banana, Nina Jacobson, Khanyisile Mawhayi, Selloane Moeti, Vanessa Tembane, Helena Uambembe




28 Jan to 25 Feb 2023

WHAT WE KNOW is an exhibition project organised by INCCA considering generational and embodied knowledge by way of ‘unlearned’ art-making. Many of the artists we are researching are formally trained, some are recent graduates and all of them speak to the sometimes necessary phase of unlearning institutional pedagogy. They embody the idea of learning the rules in order to break them, pointing to the way in which many artists based on the tip of Africa are establishing a singular voice that taps into internal knowledge. The participating artists follow various personal steps to create their work: an assembly of fragments that punctuate self-reflection. The project is also a continuous contemplation of our research and appreciation of reflections of artistic expressions and shared knowledge inherited from people’s ancestors. The exhibition aims to showcase different forms of knowledge and practices concerning personal narratives, nature and the universe. INCCA has produced this exhibition as a starting point, we hope it announces new research into the subject of the conservation of knowledge. It is the first of a number of iterations which will hopefully address the visibility of unconventional art making processes.



Studio Nxumalo

WE ARE WATER – Artists: Heather Gourlay-Conyngham and Jared Kruger.

Water is looking at your attitude towards it. Something happens in water that is very similar to what happens in a human brain when something is put into it, not just physical input, but inputs that either come in a form of touch, emotion and or an utterance of a sound or a mantra, this can change and impact the neuronal structure of water. Therefore if we keep a good relationship with the water that surrounds us, water that is within us and water that still has to come to us today, even if its dirty water, once it enters us, we will dance and enjoy, if we maintain a relationship like that with water, our physical health and physical life will always be taken care of.

– Sahdguru (The Mystical Secrets Of Water, Isha Foundation, Youtube)

Heather Conyngham is based in the Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal, whilst Jared Kruger is based in thedeep south of Cape Town, Western Cape. Both artists have a connection to the sea, due to their coastal proximity or in this instance as an ideology that is explored and expressed through their individual bodies of work that foregrounds the ocean. Studio Nxumalo has invited the artists to a joint exhibition, that intends to visually explore ideas around water and or the ocean, as explored and inspired by both Conyngham and Kruger’s body of works.

Aligning with the studio’s intention to explore exhibitions and projects that contribute to conversations that are concerned with our physical, spiritual, psychological as well as environmental well-being, Studio Nxumalo intends to work with this exhibition to remind our audience about our life’s proximity and similarity to water. That despite our flaws as humans, and various inputs and impacts that our lives encounter on our day-to-day living experiences, we remain an ocean that keeps bringing life, light and beauty to planet earth and we should never stop exploring our potential.



Everard Read

Exhibition Openings – 2 February at 6pm

‘Desi Casual Glamour‘ – Artist: Githan Coopoo



Desi Casual Glamour – A solo exhibition by Githan Coopoo A loud and deliberate gesture. A conversation between India the prophecy and a younger version of myself – a double diaspora desi, in the throes of belonging and not, all at once. An anthem to flamboyance, camp, boyish effeminacy and spectacle. Spanning a series of bright and chalky sculpted

accessories, Desi Casual Glamour is a mosaic of Indian cultural references, songs and affections. More than anything, it draws on overt stereotypes, specifically of the Hindu faith. exhibition opening 02 February 18:00. Ends 11 March


‘Lion’s Breath’ – Artist: Ferdi B Dick



‘Lion’s Breathe’ is Inspired by the lion’s breath yoga practice loved by yogis for its ability to inject some humor into their practice, release tension and dispel negative energy. This role-play Yoga practice serves to encourage emotional healing and rejuvenation by encouraging you to shirk off inhibitions and surrender to your inner child. Ferdi B Dick’s

whimsical and brightly coloured artworks strive to foster feelings of excitement and invite audiences to step into his exhilarating imaginative world.

Address: 6 Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank.


Gallery 3

Closed for renovations