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December 3, 2022 - December 13, 2022

A Super Modern Project (Death is more)

Keyes Art Mile and TMRW will be hosting A Super Modern Project (Death is more) in collaboration with the Korean Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism, the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE), Korean Travelling Arts and KIM KIM Gallery.

The title of the interactive exhibition – A Super Modern Project (Death is more) – raises paradoxical questions about the perception of modernity, which has become a common opinion. Through works that critically dismantle the abstractions of generalised perceptions and concepts, a reality of the specificity and individuality of the phenomena concealed in universality is revealed. Ultimately, A Super Modern Project (Death is more) hopes to produce diversity and openness in an individual atmosphere, while focusing on the creativity the artists’ sub-culture catalyses and creates through the works presented in a ‘super modern’ attitude.

The first project in the exhibition is a 10-day project by The Rice Brewing Sisters Club called CHEW CHEW SPIT SPIT. It explores how we might shift the paradigm of development. RBSC (The Rice Brewing Sisters Club) creates an “empty plot of land” in the Keyes Art Mile Atrium and fills it with materials foraged from Joburg. Above this plot, layers of materials local to South Africa and Joburg – will be added to form a mixed landscape incorporating traditional, local knowledge and site-based skills, technology and methodologies. This ephemeral land will develop into a mixture, interacting with the environment, atmosphere, bodies and everything that naturally and artificially exists in its local climate. Participants from the workshop and knowledge holders will be invited to produce a mixture of CHEW CHEW SPIT SPIT that includes the process of drying, mixing, chewing and spitting.

Andeath’s Geologic Bakery – the collaboration’s second project – endeavours to trace the origins of the universe through ‘cosmic’ baking. Having thought of a tilted cake while travelling along the Andes Mountains, the artist attempts baking in order to understand the birth of the mountain. Andeath’s baking alternates between failed shapes and succeeded flavours, and she autonomously studies geology, physics, math and astronomy to understand the phenomena inside the oven. Take part in Andeath’s learning process that connects nebula and THE Grand Canyon by eating crunchy balloon bread and sausage bread – an interesting and unusual endeavour of tracing the origin of the universe.