Workshop HOSTed by the House of Special Things

On show until 06/06/2024

Keyes Art Mile

This month’s First Thursday’s Keyes workshop will be based on the exhibition in Gallery 1, which focuses on still-life artworks. Participants are encouraged to take in the work and draw inspiration from it and then join a table and create their own still life based on the floral installations in the Atrium.

The workshop runs from 18:00 until 20:00, however, you can join or leave at anytime (space allowing, first come first serve). The workshop is free to attend and all works created at the workshop are eligible for submission to the Keyes Maker of the Month.

This workshop is part of House of Special Things’ Initiative to create more engagement between the visitors at Keyes Art Mile and the artworks on display.

Come and learn, be inspired and create!