Layers of Meaning

On show until 27/07/2024

Origin Art

A print show in collaboration with Artist Proof Studio.

The “Layers of Meaning” exhibition is a profound exploration of the rich and intricate world of printmaking, presented in collaboration with the esteemed Artist Proof Studio. This exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists, each mastering various printmaking techniques to create works that are not only visually striking but also deeply resonant with personal, cultural, and universal narratives.

Printmaking, as an art form, is inherently layered – each technique adding its unique dimension to the final piece. The artists featured in “Layers of Meaning” employ an array of methods including Linocut, Lino Reduction, Screen Print, Silkscreen, Paper Pulp, Lithograph, Etching, Monotype, Etching/Chine-collé, Monotype & Embossing, and Drypoint Embossing. Through these varied approaches, they explore themes that range from the intimate to the expansive, the personal to the communal.

“Layers of Meaning” is an invitation to delve into the stories embedded within these prints. It is an opportunity to appreciate the technical mastery and the emotional resonance that these works convey. By presenting these diverse techniques and voices together, the exhibition highlights the versatility and vitality of printmaking as an art form.