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The union of work and living has a new benchmark in the form of the just-released Atelier Series at Thirty Keyes.

A collection of double-level units located within the Thirty Keyes portfolio, the Atelier Series combines a Solo apartment above a studio or showroom space. In this facilitation of both living and working, the series has all the practicality of New York’s historic live-above-your-shop approach, but with a fresh, unmistakably South African design.

The Ateliers at Thirty Keyes are designed by StudioMAS Architects as an open studio space, served by a glass frontage, which flows out onto a tree-lined lane. This can be used as an artist or design studio, a workshop, an office, a gallery, a virtual reality theatre or a showroom – depending on the work requirements of those fortunate enough to own one of these covetable Ateliers.

The connected apartment upstairs features a single-level master bedroom, paired with a balcony. Like all living spaces at Thirty Keyes – interiors have been designed by Andrea Kleinloog, Partner and Interior Designer at HesseKleinloog – the Solo apartments ascribe to an unfettered, efficient design ethic that places as much importance on sleek, high-end finishes as it does on the real-life, day-to-day realities of inhabiting a space.

In keeping with the Atelier Series’ guiding principle – Work. Live. Walk Out To Play – the location of the apartments within Keyes Art Mile provides an abundant, immediate neighbourhood for residents to play in, encouraging a symbiosis between work and places of creative inspiration, and a perfect balance between open lanes, walkways, public piazzas and the solitude and quiet of private courtyards.

Residents will have as its neighbour the StudioMAS-designed private Art Museum.  This soon-to-be landmark structure will serve as a large-scale, multifaceted venue for art in all its forms, and is set to become a distinctive destination for both local and global audiences.

“In essence”, says Pierre Swanepoel, “the museum becomes your part of your reception area or foyer – integrating creative aspects into your business.”

Johannesburg’s most compelling creative hub reflects the modern town square – and is the perfect fusion of vibrant public space and calm break-out areas. While everything you need is on your doorstep – galleries, coffee shops, the art museum and shops  – indigenous urban gardens grace the neighbourhood, providing it with its own green lung. Thirty Keyes’ own signature centralised courtyard further features a landscape of rich, local vegetation for those working and living in the Ateliers to take a moment of reflection during their day’s work.

Set to become some of the most sought after living spaces in Johannesburg, Thirty Keyes is perfectly in step with a modern, always-on mindset, and the urban realities of its city setting.

The sectional title ownership of the Atelier Series – with built-in business rights for the studio space – comes without the hassle, with everything taken care of – from security to maintenance, infrastructure, fibre, urban parks, public spaces, always-on electricity and water, and lots of basement parking. Woven into this 21st century urban living are the old-fashioned, but enduring, values of neighbourhood and community. Designed as a mixed-use development with paradigm-shifting ambitions, Thirty Keyes aims to be a catalyst for communal values, where people walk and connect, interacting with a broader community and breathing new life into an old, cherished suburb.

Keyes Art Mile is now established as Johannesburg’s creative hub. Thirty Keyes, with its Atelier Series and its neighbouring Art Museum, completes it.

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