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This last First Thursday at Keyes for 2018 is brimming with art! Join us for the opening of our ‘Summer 2018 Exhibition’ & the ‘Virtual Spaces experience at TMRW Gallery.


While others wind down, Keyes Art Mile gears up to present SUMMER 2018, a group exhibition of limited editioned works by emerging artists presented in partnership with Offset Culture, Koooooos + Lemon.

This show marks the closing of a dynamic year of arts programming at Keyes Art Mile.

Featuring Palindroom:
Koooooos + Lemon
Palindroom forms the first photographic exhibition for Koos Groenewald – long admired as one-half of acclaimed creative duo, Jana + Koos. Here he pairs up design studio Lemon to share his extraordinary eye for the surreal details of everyday life. Koos juxtaposes disparate images in unexpected ways – lazy cats on a rock set against a group of sunbathing men; a yawning feline against a faux-fur background. The results are singular, demonstrating Koos’ ability to keenly observe the world he inhabits with equal parts reverence and irreverence

Pictorial Nerve:
Luca Boni, Bianca Brand, Dillon Harland,
Musondo Kabwe, Kgabo Mametjie, Malebona
Maphutse, Lunga Ntila, Octavia Roodt, r1.

Pictorial Nerve is an ongoing poster series conceived by Offset Culture. It looks at a new zeitgeist comparable with what was loosely called The Pictures Generation in the late 20th Century with artists defined by their layered adaptations, revealing the fabricated nature of images, with an element of frank social commentary. Now, a younger generation offer a parallel but unstudied cross-pollination of activity that spans numerous creative disciplines by deconstructing and remapping images through digital painting and collage, illustration, public art and photographic manipulation and extraction.


“The Kids These Days”

Brimming with promise and committed to realising it, the talent of Gen Y will be in action in TMRW Gallery at Keyes Art Mile as part of the Virtual Spaces artists open studio and public engagement workshops. TMRW invites creative practitioners, tech enthusiasts, and the general public to paint, play, and create in a virtual environment. Virtual Spaces is the perfect opportunity to apply new and traditional methods of image making to the wild and open world of virtual reality.

Adilson de Oliveira, Allyssa Herman, Giggs Kgole, Maggie Hand, Nomonde Mtetwa and Seth Pimentel will be drawing in 3D and displaying the results of their interaction with the technology at First Thursdays on the 6th of December, with sound by Djibril Cullis (Jung Mowlgi) and Liam Thomas (Sol Pillars). Adrian Fortuin and Riley Pam-Grant will do an extended sound performance of their piece Objects in Transit.

Schedule of events:

Thursday 6 December Music Performances

17.30 to 18.30 – Liam

18.30 to 19.30 – Djibril

19.30 to 22.00 – Objects in transit

List of Artists – tiltbrush drawings:

Adilson de Oliveira 20. Born in Bez Valley.

An emerging multi-disciplinary artist who is currently going into his third year of his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand. De Oliveira is fixated on dismantling the notion of the master narrative which exists in ‘Western Art’ history. A narrative in which the Eurocentric construction of technical ability, and conceptual prowess- and the manner in which they transform and merge- wrote the very book that is Art history. It is evident that this notion that modernism existed only in the Western world in total isolation from the rest of the world, specifically Africa, is a totally false narrative. Knowing that, these works aim to question this master narrative, and engage in the dance of modernism, by grappling with the concepts of reference, deference, and difference. De Oliveira draws from western art history as a form of parody which acts as a defiant act against the nature of this Western Art History master narrative.

Giggs Kgole 21. Born in Limpopo, and raised in Thembisa.

His work is heavily informed by the many experiences characteristic of rural Limpopo. Through his work, Kgole seeks to unmask the hidden landscape of rural South Africa, telling tales of struggle and of abandonment. His work is typified by his use of anaglyphs that enhance the viewer’s experience and relationship to the work.

Allyssa Herman 23. Born in Kimberley, raised in Pretoria.

An emerging young artist who has just completed her honours in Fine Arts at Wits.

She makes work about knowledge that is produced in the domestic space, particularly around the kitchen table, through mixed media installations.


Maggie Hand 19. Maggie Hand is a surrealist art maker from Johannesburg.

Her work explores sanity and the evasive psyche. She documents what ails the mental state and how this degrades one’s ability to perform their identity. She uses diary entries, collage and traditional techniques that she grew up infatuated with, but has since begun incorporating classical and digital media into her process.

Seth Pimentel 23. Seth is an artist and illustrator. Since graduating from Open Window Design Institute Seth has been making waves within the creative industry and building a name for himself through collaborative projects. With a focus on the options and possibilities afforded by digital media, Seth has used technology as a platform and tool to take his work into a new realm.

Nomonde Mtetwa 22. A graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist based in Johannesburg.

Nomonde studied at Vega School and is currently working as a junior graphic designer at a digital design agency. Nomonde is inspired by people, more specifically young people and their differences and the way they celebrate their uniqueness, the underground culture, street culture and the youth culture of generation Y.



“Objects in Transit”

Adrian Fortuin and Riley Pam-Grant

OBJECTS IN TRANSIT is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between Adrian Fortuin and Riley Pam-Grant that began with a shared interest in the physicality of objects existing in spaces of consumption, and the virtual representations and manifestations thereof, that transition and transcend a multiplicity of boundaries from the physical to the virtual. This work exists in the form of expanded video, sound and performance installations.

riley pam-grant

Adrian Fortuin